VISIA® skin analysis


First Class Skin Check-In for personal skin analysis.

Your skin has an incredible memory. Our high-tech analysis tool understands your history, signals, deficiencies and needs documenting the impressive before and after success.

This objective, deep insight is the scientific basis of our FIRST CLASS SKIN beauty treatment.

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Star of the new beauty culture.

Forget injections! This superstar – a Hollywood favorite – can do so much more. It‘s immediate and pain-free.

JetPeel™ is the non-invasive revolution that made better-aging, the gentle, natural, new beauty ideal possible in the first place. Using bundled aerosol jet pressure technology, JetPeel™ hydroporates the highly concentrated original JetCare™ active ingredients at laser speed into the deepest layers of your skin, penetrating your skin without needles. These needle-free injections embed the liquid solution between the collagen layers of the stratum reticulare.

DermWave™ Pro


‚If you want to be beautiful you have to suffer‘ doesn‘t apply here.

Finally there‘s real alternative to the scalpel or boot camp. The latest generation of volumetric radio frequency technology with DermWave™ Pro VolumetriQ offers precisely directed, controlled face lifting and body shaping.

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